Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Puppy Love

I'm sitting here watching 'Ellen' (love her!) with my puppy (who really isn't a puppy at 18 months) cuddled under a blanket, snuggled into my lap. How can life get much better really?? If you had asked me what my life would like in 2010 back in 2005 - I would not have thought it would be like this - but this would be just what I wanted. Happily married to my best friend, who makes me laugh and feel special everyday, an awesome little boston bulldog who gives so much unconditional love (although also gives a lot of smelly farts - as per the one I'm smelling right now) and living close to all my family members. Life is good.

Of course I'm not a complete ball of sunshine. There's always something. And this being the middle of January it's something that's on the mind of most people. Since my wedding on October 10th I have managed to gain almost 15 pounds. Now come on ... you have to WORK to make that happen. A mere 90 days ago I was much smaller and enjoyed getting dressed in the morning because everything fit. Oprah always touts that we eat because of another reason. But for the life of me I can't figure out what my reason is!!!!! What's my reason! As mentioned in the first paragraph I love my life. My home life, my work life, my social life. I couldn't be happier. So why do I eat???? I feel like I eat because I love the taste of food. Honestly.

I love ice cream. I love chocolate. I love pasta. This is why I eat. So here I find myself once again - trying to lose weight and get back in shape. And from the overcrowded gym that I visited yesterday (for the first time since 2 days before the wedding -92 days ago!) I sense that I'm not alone in this quest. Perhaps this blog will help keep me accountable. Feel free to suggest ways to keep me on track.

As for now I'm going to have to push this sleeping, cuddly puppy of my lap and go attempt to make a healthy, nutritious yet yummy supper for my handsome husband before he gets home from work.

Maybe I'll cuddle just a little bit longer and hope for traffic??? ...... :)

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