Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teenagers make it look so easy ....

My friend told me a story the other day. She was at a clinic waiting to get some routine bloodwork drawn. She couldn't help overhearing a conversation that was going on behind her between 3 teenagers. She guessed them to be 14 or 15. One of the girls was panicking because she was afraid the lab would call her parents with the results of her bloodwork. She was there for bloodwork because she thought she was pregnant. Obviously she knew what the bloodwork would show. The accuracy of those at home tests are pretty good. My friend telling me this story brought up some strong emotions.

I blurted out, "My God - teenagers make getting pregnant so easy!!!!". My friend agreed. And it's TRUE! I have so many friends trying to conceive but having no luck. And then there's me. I had a large teratoma removed from my right ovary last January. There is also a small one on my left ovary but they did not remove it, hoping to lessen the impact on my fertility. So here I sit with a scarred up right ovary and a bum left ovary. And questionable ability to procreate.

It's funny (and I'm sure many women can relate). For the majority of your life you try and prevent pregnancy. You hold your breath for each period to come and sigh with relief when it does. Then you meet the man you love and everything seems perfect. You decide it's time. And it turns out it's not as easy as teenagers make it look. Now rather than sighing with relief, your cursing each time your monthly 'gift' appears (to steal from the horrible Tampax commercials). And each passing month becomes more frustrating. And then you get frustrated with yourself because you know the worst thing you can do is be stressed about it! Oh the craziness .....

I wonder what happened with that young teenage girl who didn't get to sigh with relief. I hope that she has supportive parents. I hope she can see that maybe the best thing she can do for herself and that baby is to consider adoption --- for all of those who struggle.

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