Tuesday, April 12, 2011

22 weeks and 1 day ...

Past the halfway mark to seeing our little one ... time is starting to fly by!!!! Can not wait to meet him/her <3

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yesterday at 19wk2d my husband and I had our medical ultrasound. It was emphasized to us at the beginning of the ultrasound that this was for diagnostic purposes and not to ask ANY questions. This chick took her job very seriously. Took some of the fun out of it but it was still so amazing to see our little one!!! AND both of us are pretty sure we saw little boy parts!!! :) We are having a paid elective ultrasound April 30th and we'll find out then for sure how good we are at reading ultrasounds ...lol.

Amazing day ... and almost halfway there!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Big Sister ....

Marley is our first baby and she was proud to tell our families that she's going to be a big sister! We let her wear her shirt on Christmas eve to tell my side of the family. Brian's family found out with a onesie from the Gap mentioned in a previous post.

Here she is in her little shirt :)

A beautiful sound!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is that you little one?

I keep feeling a funny little sensation in my belly (well obviously not my belly but sounds much cuter than ute). It's as if there's a little fish in there releasing bubbles. Since this is my first baby I have no idea what first movements feel like .. but this has been going on now for a few days. Being 15wks3d I know it's early but what is it then??? I can't wait until I feel strong, reassuring kicks from my little one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


152. My new favourite number. My new favourite number because it's the rate that my baby's heart was beating today when my husband and I heard it in the doctor's office for the first time :) I thought I would cry but instead I laughed. And for those of you who know me you know my laugh isn't a gentle girlie laugh. It's loud and kind of snorty. And it must have scared the little one because after that we couldn't hear it anymore. My husband and I were both giddy with excitement. Incredible moment.

Things are definitely changing with my body as well. Most of my shirts (including my scrub tops) are getting uncomfortably tight around the boobs. And I had to buy a Bella Band to help my pants feel a little better. I also bought a pair of maternity jeans because I feel I may need them soon. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. At first I was thinking 12 weeks was too early for maternity wear but as my husband said ... if I need it I need it.

A very exciting day :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Blessed Life

I have been so blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends my whole life. I often sit back and wonder "How am I so lucky?". I have so many people who would be by my side through anything --- and they have. Add to this list my 'Bump' friends. Friends I connected with online as we travel through our TTC journey. I have been awarded a blog award by one of these fabulous friends ... Papps from 'Our Arduous Journey' (http://greekgirlie.blogspot.com/). She is an amazing woman dealing with things no woman should have to. I think of her often and truly hope that this IUI is her BFP ::fingers tightly crossed::.

So on to the award .....
As a recipient I need to share 7 things about myself ... here goes ...
1 - I am the 3rd of 4 children. There is 6 years between the oldest and the youngest. Growing up with my siblings so close in age made it like our own little playgroup.
2 - I grew up in the country and at times we had farm animals. I truly think a country upbringing instills a lot of character in a child. I would love to raise my child on a farm :)
3 - My favorite color is red. In high school 85% of my sweaters/shirts were red.
4 - I have anxiety issues. I'm sure if I saw a therapist (which I often think I should!) I would be diagnosed with some sort of generalized anxiety disorder. My husband is the complete opposite - not a care in the world. We balance each other out.
5 - My dream job is a wedding planner.
6 - I am a Girl Guide leader for the Sparks age group.
7 - My favorite food is pizza - without a doubt.
And now for the second part of the award ... bestow it on other bloggers ... I think most of the blogs I follow have been mentioned but I love them so much I'm mentioning them again ....
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