Friday, June 11, 2010

So what exactly did they do before TV?

My husband and I decided to disconnect our cable. We decided to do this for many reasons. One of the reasons of course is cost. It seems that you can’t get a simple TV package anymore. With us trying to plan a family we decided we should cut corners wherever we could. Another reason was how often we watched TV. I certainly watch more than him. With shift work I’m often at home, by myself, during the days. How could I not get sucked into The View, General Hospital, and everything on TLC??? And our evenings were often spent in front of the boob-tube. With our waists ever expanding, our wallets ever depleting and our minds being bombarded with mindless reality shows, we decided to cut the cable.

So here I am on Day 3 of no cable and the worst of the worst has happened. My internet is down. I’m actually composing this on Microsoft Word and will cut and paste when it’s back up and running. The guy from Bell is here now trying to fix it. With no TV AND no cable – you’d think I’d be pretty productive. Right? Well .... let’s just say I now realize I procrastinate with anything. Leafing through a Women’s Health magazine took a large part of the morning. I did however make homemade rolls for the hubby. And I did the dishes. Can I add showered to my list?

Mostly I’ve just been sitting in the silence. To be honest, it’s not that bad. I do enjoy the quiet. Although a little background music would be nice. Maybe I’ll break out the mp3 player and the speakers.

So we’ll see how this great cable-free experiment goes. We’re going to try and do it all summer and connect again when the new shows arrive in the fall. But who knows, maybe life without TV will get interesting??? They did seem to have a lot more kids back in the day ;-)

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