Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

My niece is 4 years old going on 20. She graduated from Kindergarten. Next year she goes to 'big school'. She was so excited on her graduation day. She planned her own party, mirroring it from her brother's first communion just a few weeks ago. She even sent my sister to change her shoes because they weren't as fancy as the ones she wore to the first communion. Hilarious. This girl knows her shoes.

Seeing all the kids at the graduation made me think of being a kid. They are so innocent. So carefree. No bills. No debt. No work. Just a little bit of school and a lot of play. Would I want to go back and grow up all over again? Not so much. Too many bumps along the way. Heartache that I barely survived the first time around. No, I'm quite content being 33 and married to my best friend. Life is good. Besides ... we can all be kids once in awhile. Especially when you're married to my hubby ... the biggest kid around.

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