Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Being sick sucks ...

So I started feeling crappy yesterday with a sore throat. Now it's all in my head. Sinus pressure! And disgusting post-nasal drip. Sorry if TMI ... but I'm a whiner. I've been spending the day with my pals on 'The Bump' ... catching up with some of them on their blogs. Which reminded me that I haven't updated mine in forever!! So here goes ...

Life is good. We are still trying for Baby L. It's starting to get very stressful. I'm trying to 'give it time' (quote Mom) but am starting to think I might approach my doctor before the year mark to get testing done. Maybe that's impatient. But what's the harm?

In the meantime I'm supposed to be watching what I eat and exercising. Lol ... grade F in both categories. Lots of events in the last little bit. Family gatherings always mean copious amounts of food and usually my childhood favorites! My arthritis has been acting up as well so exercise has been non-existent. So the 10K I signed up for at the end of May will be a challenge!!! I keep saying every month I get a BFN is another opportunity for me to lose some weight. Annnndddd then I don't do anything. I should get my butt is gear. Right after this head cold clears up .... for now I'm going to drown it in ice cream ..... mmmm.

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