Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Blessed Life

I have been so blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends my whole life. I often sit back and wonder "How am I so lucky?". I have so many people who would be by my side through anything --- and they have. Add to this list my 'Bump' friends. Friends I connected with online as we travel through our TTC journey. I have been awarded a blog award by one of these fabulous friends ... Papps from 'Our Arduous Journey' (http://greekgirlie.blogspot.com/). She is an amazing woman dealing with things no woman should have to. I think of her often and truly hope that this IUI is her BFP ::fingers tightly crossed::.

So on to the award .....
As a recipient I need to share 7 things about myself ... here goes ...
1 - I am the 3rd of 4 children. There is 6 years between the oldest and the youngest. Growing up with my siblings so close in age made it like our own little playgroup.
2 - I grew up in the country and at times we had farm animals. I truly think a country upbringing instills a lot of character in a child. I would love to raise my child on a farm :)
3 - My favorite color is red. In high school 85% of my sweaters/shirts were red.
4 - I have anxiety issues. I'm sure if I saw a therapist (which I often think I should!) I would be diagnosed with some sort of generalized anxiety disorder. My husband is the complete opposite - not a care in the world. We balance each other out.
5 - My dream job is a wedding planner.
6 - I am a Girl Guide leader for the Sparks age group.
7 - My favorite food is pizza - without a doubt.
And now for the second part of the award ... bestow it on other bloggers ... I think most of the blogs I follow have been mentioned but I love them so much I'm mentioning them again ....
Mchupie .... follow the story of her new born little girl!!
Sulfa .... a serious blogger in comparison to me. Make sure to check it out on Haiku Thursdays!!
Lyse .... mommy-to-be!!!
Sarah ... another expecting mommy!
And one of my favorite blogs ... 'Enjoying the Small Things' ...

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