Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 3 - Gluten Free

It's been 3 days ... and I want a sandwich. And cake for dessert. I forgot how hard this was. Right now I'm missing my morning toast with peanut butter the most. Granola bars ... a close 2nd. I know I can buy gluten free granola bars but they are soooo expensive!!! I will probably cave and purchase some eventually but I'm waiting to speak to a co-worker who has been GF for a long time and see if she can recommend some gluten free products. I know some are better than others.

I did purchase a mix for gluten free bread/pizza dough. I absolutely love, love pizza and I'm hoping the mix will be okay.

A friend of mine also brought over gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Surprisingly yummy! They reminded me of a sugar cookie. I need to break out my camera to take some photos of the products. This photo is from the manufacturer's website ... The company is called El Peto and they are based in Ontario ( I think I'll be purchasing more product from them.


  1. I always heard that if you can get through the first week of something then you're good to go. So, at some point today, you'll be half-way through the first week. You got this lady! <3

  2. I make some great gluten free chocolate chip cookies - when I take them to parties, everyone wants them and they don't even know they're gluten free. What you do is buy Pamela's baking & pancake mix, follow the chocolate chip cookie recipe, & add crushed walnuts & coconut shreds. Delicious! I am gluten free and also trying to get pregnant, so best of luck to us both!