Monday, August 16, 2010

Breaking Points

This week I have hit a breaking point. Well 2 actually. A breaking point in my TTC (trying to conceive) journey and a breaking point in my weight gain. With respect to TTC --- my husband and I have been trying for many months now. Our one year anniversary is fast approaching at which time we will see a specialist. For the last number of months I have been charting (for those of you interested go to and using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits). Still, nothing is working. I feel TTC has started to overwhelm me. I had a little emotional breakdown with my husband the other day, so we both decided to scale back our efforts for the moment. No more thermometer, no more ovulation strips. Just me & him. Trying to enjoy the last couple of months of our first year of marriage. We'll deal more with TTC after seeing the specialist. That was my first breaking point.

Then came my weight. I'm getting so tired of waking up and having absolutely nothing to wear. Tired of feeling awkward in my own skin. So I decided to count Weight Watcher points again. This time I'm doing something a little different though. I'm getting my whole family in on it! We have a little weight loss challenge going on. A friendly little wager. We are doing weekly weigh-ins similar to the Biggest Loser and whoever has the largest % weight loss in the end, wins the prize money. First week went well. I lost 4.6 pounds!! Being a very competitive person is helping me this time.

So I'm shifting my focus from one thing to another. I feel good about it. I'm still sad and frustrated that it seems so hard for us to get pregnant. But it is what it is. I'm leaving it in God's hands for now. I'm going to focus on getting myself healthier, emotionally and physically. The rest will fall into place.


  1. I wish you had an easier time TTC, but you might as well look hawt! :) Congratulations on that weight loss. You are awesome!

  2. I have faith that it will happen for you, Red.
    Congrats on the weight loss!